That's exactly why we are all here! Your organizations Open Rate is the amount of emails your subscribers have opened in comparison to the number you sent. The higher the Open Rate, the more successful your campaigns! You can read more about what goes into the open rate here

Check this out: The national average Open Rate is 19% compared to Cerkl's average of almost 43%! Let's aim even higher by using these tips to bump up that Open Rate:

1) Be mindful of your default newsletter delivery frequency and time.

 If people aren't opening your emails, check out your Default Delivery Frequency: Are you sending out newsletters every day, monthly or somewhere in between? 

If you have a low Open Rate and deliver your newsletter daily, your audience may be getting too familiar with your emails and are ignoring them. Delivering your newsletter less frequently may be a good option in this case.

 On the other end, if you have a low Open Rate and you deliver your newsletter once a month, your audience might be forgetting that your newsletter even existed and just move along. Delivering your newsletter more frequently may be a good option in this case.

You could also be delivering your newsletter at a day or time when most people don't open their emails. For example, if your default delivery day is on a Friday, people are less likely to open it. It may be best to move it to Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

Check your delivery time and make sure it's set for the morning when subscribers get into the office or early afternoon after lunch break. If you have a delivery time of 5:00 PM, people are far less likely to read it on the commute home.

2) Allow for as much personalization as you can.

Personalization is key! Make sure to encourage your subscribers to choose what information they want to receive and how often they want it. They are way more likely to open your email and get involved with your content if they get to chose when they receive the emails that they are interested in.

You can encourage your audience to personalize their settings through social media marketing or by re-sending the welcome email which first invited them to personalize! You can either resend the welcome email to all of your subscribers who haven't personalized or a specific subscriber.

3) Create an engaging subject line.

This article details the way Cerkl currently creates your subject lines. If you'd like to create your own default subject line, follow the steps highlighted in this article. We suggest that your subject line be unique and entice your subscribers to open your emails - get creative and be interesting!

The national average Open Rate highlights the difficulty of getting your audience to open their emails, but by writing material that pulls them in, you can effectively double your Open Rate - just like most of our Cerkl organizations have!

Also, here are some quick tips from the Cerkl marketing department:

1) Get personal.

Personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened.

2) Be human.

Nobody likes READING ALL CAPS or being flooded with exclamation marks!!!, so don’t do it in your subject lines. Be simple, authentic, and human. Sure you can have fun or add a little pop to increase opens, but be truthful about the delivery of the email.

Let's get some opens!!

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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