Your Cerkl’s Open Rate is the Percentage of Subscribers who open your Newsletter out of all those who receive them. Open Rate = Total Newsletter Opens / Total Newsletter Delivers. To view your Cerkls’ open rate you go to Insights > Channels > Newsletters, and you will see it inside of both your Cerkl Snapshot and your Delivery Metrics.

You will see that the National Average Open Rate for email is 22% and with the tips below we hope to give you some starting ideas on how to crush that percentage!

The main group of your Subscribers who you can have an impact on is those who have not gone through the personalization process yet. As a result these Subscribers receive your Newsletters at your Cerkls Default Delivery Time so ask yourself: is your newsletter set to deliver first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon or another time possibly?

It is important to step inside the shoes of those who are receiving your Newsletters and ask yourself what time would they most likely:

  1. Check their email for their Newsletter
  2. Take the time out of their day to read the Stories included in them

That second part is super important because if your Newsletters are sent at times when most people are busy there is a good chance your Subscribers might see the email, tell themselves they will read it, and then forget about it later.

Our recommendation is to set the delivery time to either early in the morning when your Subscribers are getting into the office, or sometime in the afternoon when they might be on their lunch break.

The other piece to consider is your Default Delivery Frequency: How often are you sending out your Newsletter? Is it Daily, Monthly, Bi-Weekly?. If you have a short amount of time between deliveries(Daily or Weekly) then one idea might be to switch it up and increase the delivery frequency. Your Subscribers might feel overwhelmed by their Newsletters and that they are receiving too much content. Increasing that time between Newsletters could let your Content breathe a little and possibly increase engagement.

If your Delivery Frequency is set to a most less often option such as a Monthly delivery, then we recommend doing the opposite and increasing the frequency so your Subscribers have more content coming and are more mindful of the Newsletters they are receiving.

Personalization is key to having a fantastic Cerkl Experience and is a major part to getting your Subscribers to engage with your Content. When a Subscriber goes through the Personalization Process they will select their ideal Newsletter Experience (Categories of articles they are interested in, Delivery Date and Time and Frequency settings, etc).

You can encourage your Subscriber to move through the Personalization Process by resending the Welcome Email to those who have not personalized by going into your Audience Controls and clicking the button “Resent to Non-Personalized Subscribers''. We recommend resending the Welcome Email at least once a year to non-personalized Subscribers.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at, or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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