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With the Broadcast + Paycor integration, we make it easy to manage your audience and communicate with your organization.

Getting Started

We recommend partnering with a Paycor representative or a Team member with Paycor Admin credentials, as they'll need to follow the steps to complete this set up. Once they're ready to assist, your Team Admin can begin the set up from Settings > Integrations & Plugins, then under Integrations, select Paycor.

Generate Link

From the Paycor integration page, please review the Getting Started instructions and the Accepted Fields. After review, simply click the Generate Authentication Link button.

Clicking Generate Authentication Link will create a url specific to your Broadcast Organization. Copy this url and send it to a Paycor contact that has either a Company, HR, or Payroll Administrator roles so they can begin the connection flow.

This link is only valid for 48 hours. If you lose the link or are past the expiration, you can generate a new one using the “generate a new link” hyperlink. Generating a new link overwrites the existing link.

Initial Data Sync

Once the Installation is complete and the connection is made, the initial data sync from Paycor to Broadcast will begin - employees in Paycor with both an EmailAddress and EmployeeNumber will be subscribed inside Broadcast. If your organization has restricted domains enabled in Audience Controls, only allowed domains will be subscribed.

When this initial sync is complete, All of your Instance Admins will receive an email letting them know if it was successful or if it failed.

If you receive an email saying the sync was successful, your data is now in Broadcast and you can begin communicating with your Subscribers.

If you receive an email saying the sync failed, you will need return to Settings > Integrations & Plugins > Paycor. Click the Failed button to select the Retry Sync option. This sync needs to complete successfully in order to see your people data populate in Broadcast.

Future Audience Updates

After the initial sync of data from Paycor to Broadcast has completed successfully, future audience updates are handled automatically. When there is an update in audience information on the Paycor side, it will update on the Broadcast side when Paycor notifies us of the change. This can sometimes take a few minutes, so it may help to check back a little later if you don't see these changes reflected immediately.

If your organization allows “Manual and Integration” audience control, those with Manage Audience permission can make manual updates/imports to the audience. If any of the information that is input manually contradicts what is provided by Paycor, it will remain in place until:

  • If a re-sync is triggered by Paycor, Customer Support, or a Customer Success team member.

  • If a notification concerning a change is received for the specific Audience member whose information was updated.

If your organization does not want users to have the ability to add subscribers to Broadcast that are not inside Paycor, turn on Integration Exclusive audience management in Audience > Controls.

For additional information about these controls, please review: Audience Controls.

​Disconnecting the Integration

If at any point you want to disconnect your integration between Paycor and Broadcast, you can do that inside Settings > Integrations & Plugins > Paycor.

Click the Active button to view a the Deactivate option. This will open a confirmation modal where you have to type “DEACTIVATE” and confirm that action.

Once disconnected, your current audience will remain and become static. This means it will no longer be update via the integration.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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