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Administrators and Team Members with the Manage Audience permission have the ability to use and change the access level of Segments inside Broadcast. This means you can choose who on your team has access to send Blasts with or make changes to specific Segments.

There are two modes available when configuring Access Permissions:


Global Segments are available for all Team Members to duplicate, edit, and use when sending Blasts.


Restricted Segments are limited in access to all Administrators and select Team Members. Only these select users will be able to duplicate, edit, or use the Segment when sending Blasts. Restricted Segments will always include the creator and all Administrators.

Note: All Administrators will see other user's Restricted Segments listed under the Shared with Me tab in Audience > Segments.

Configure Access Permissions

Access Permissions can be configured when creating a Segment or afterward from the Segments Table.

When Creating a Segment

By default, all new Segments are created with a restriction to the Creator and all Administrators.

To add more individuals or to set the Segment Access to Global, click the Lock Button in the top right of the Segment Creator.

From Segments Table

If a Segment already exists and you need to change its Access Permissions, you can do so from the Audience > Segments table.

Click the Ellipses menu option to the right of the Segment Name, then select Manage Access, or click the permission type under the Access Level column.

Add Team Member(s)

To add a Team Member to a Restricted Segment, from the Manage Access window click the Add Team Member drop-down menu under Shared With. Here you can select Team Members from the list, or start typing their name to search for a specific Team Member.

Note: Admins cannot be added individually because they are already included in the All Administrators list.

After selecting a Team Member, their name will appear under the Shared With list. Remember to click Save when you're ready to keep your changes.

Remove Team Member(s)

To remove a Team Member from a Restricted Segment, from the Manage Access window, click the Remove button next to the name of the Team Member listed under Shared With.

Remember to click Save when you're ready to keep your changes.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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