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Cerkl Broadcast is here to help you reach as many readers as possible - to reach and engage a wider audience, you'll want to implement and meet web guidelines as often as possible. The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides guidance on ways to create and share web content, which many institutions aim to meet. Below, we provide some tips for your team to better meet those guidelines in Broadcast.

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Additional resources which include in-depth guidelines and more best practices:

Alternative Text For Images

Provide description 'Alt-Text' for images where available. The alt-text should aim to concisely describe the image itself or the pertinent information in the image. If Text is included in an image, the text should be available in Alt-Text or in the content.

Alt-Text is currently available for Primary Content Story Images and Image Elements in Blasts.

Decorative Images

Broadcast currently does not support default notation for decorative images as Alt-Text cannot be left blank for images which support alt-text. When including images for decorative purposes, or that do not provide additional informative context, we recommend that you insert "Decorative Image" as the alt-text.

Text Formatting

Text should be readable by meeting appropriate color and contrast standards, and when possible, aim for text to be at least Font Size 16 px.


Ensure that links are formatted as a default color outside of your regular text color default.

Use descriptive link naming. For example, “Click here” doesn’t offer people using screen readers information about the link and the expected outcome of clicking it.

Content Headings

When writing and creating content, utilize the included paragraph formatting options to label headers for screen and assistant readers. Don't worry, you can change the formatting like the color and size of the text labeled with a heading after the selection has been made.

Colors and Contrast

Broadcast currently presents default views with light modes for Blasts and Content.
When using images and text, it's best to ensure text is readable by choosing colors which appropriately contrast with background colors.

Some readers may utilize High Contract modes or Dark modes - Because applications that enable these modes is unique in how it presents, we recommend utilizing colors and contrast intended for light mode as the default.

Video & Audio

When sharing links to audio files, videos, or presentations, we recommend to include closed captioning and/or transcript files.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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