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We’ve created a project management tool to give you a visual representation of each phase of the implementation process, along with tasks associated with each phase. This tool is called the Launch Terminal (LT), and will be created by your implementation project manager after your kick-off meeting. Each client has specific timelines, so we make sure your Launch Terminal is customized to your needs.

You are able to navigate to the LT by choosing the space shuttle icon at the top right of your Cerkl Broadcast Instance:

Basic navigation of the LT includes two views (Calendar and Kanban). Each view, although visually different, displays the same LT Tasks and allows for the same actions and information availability.

Calendar View

Kanban View

Launch Terminal Tasks

Each task is associated with a card that will be moved through each stage of completion. If a certain task is not needed for your implementation, then it can be moved to the “blocked” column. To view more information about a task, simply click on the card to bring up your options.

Information available

  1. Due Date: date that the task is due to be completed

  2. Phase Name: current phase of implementation (Kick-Off, Technical Configuration, Blasts, etc.)

  3. Task Status: Not Started, In Progress, Completed

  4. Team Members: ability to assign tasks to specific members of your project team

  5. Activity: section where team members can leave comments/status updates on tasks

  6. Task Description

  7. Links: will take you to the specific section of Broadcast to complete the task.

  8. Task Created Date

  9. Task Created by

For more information about Launch Terminal and the implementation phase, please make sure to partner with your Project and Account Manager's which are details under Contact in the Launch Terminal.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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