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Every day, your account Administrators and specified Team Members will receive an email about your import status that tells you everything that you might want to know. There are four types of emails that you may receive: Successful, Skipped, Failed, and Unsubscribe Threshold.


Your files were completely successful with no conflicts.

Successful with Conflicts

Your files were completely successful, but there were conflicts. Details in the email will include the number of new Audience Members imported, the number of Audience Members removed, and a table with all of your conflicts.

Please Note: Your FIRST file in the Mapped Files is the source of truth for Audience data. The hierarchy determines which pieces of data are used when there is a conflict.


Your files were skipped because files were invalid or missing. Detailed information is available in the Report Log. When all of the files are not present, you will need to send us the missing files before the NEXT processing time.


Broadcast was unable to process your files. In this case, the audience will not be updated for that day and it will attempt to run at the next processing time.

Unsubscribe Threshold

We ran your files but skipped the unsubscribe step because your Unsubscribe Threshold was hit. This will give a detailed explanation of the percentage of Subscribers that your files attempted to unsubscribe as well as your current Unsubscribe Threshold. If you meant to unsubscribe those users, you can go to Import Mapping Settings to update your Unsubscribe Threshold and it will run the next day at your process time to complete the process. If not, we advise that you check your files for incomplete data.

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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