Pre-header text is the text your Subscribers may see in their inbox (depending on the email client) before they open your Blast. This text is important because it gives Subscribers a preview to your Blast in their inbox.

The Blast's pre-header text is shown in the inbox in addition to the Blast's subject line (pictured below).

Outlook Example:

Gmail Example:

To ensure your Blast has pre-header text, you can do either of the following:

  1. Make sure the first Element in your Blast contains text. The beginning of this text will appear as your pre-header text in your Subscribers' inbox when they receive your Blast.

  2. If you have an Image Element as the first Element in your Blast, add Alt-Text to the image when editing the Element. The Alt-Text you add will be your pre-header text.

Please Note: If you do not provide pre-header text in your Blast, the email client will grab the first part of the text in your Blast, which could be an image URL.

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