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Send a Pre-Launch Mobile App Training Notice to Your Team
Send a Pre-Launch Mobile App Training Notice to Your Team

After your training session use this template to send out the recording link and top selling points.

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Subject Line: Mobile App Training Session Recording

Hey team!

Here’s a recording of the training session hosted on [Date].

For those of you who might’ve missed it or simply want a refresher, here’s a breakdown of what was covered.

  • We’re launching our mobile app on [Date], along with a [incentive campaign information] incentive campaign to encourage downloads early on.

  • The top 3 reasons our employees should download the Broadcast app are:

    • Receiving push alerts for important notices that won’t get lost in their inbox.

    • Having our most essential organizational links at hand.

    • Having a more mobile-friendly personalized news experience.

  • Q&A portion questions and answers

    • [Enter your example]

    • [Enter your example]

If you have any other questions before our launch, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Thank you for all of your hard work; without you, we wouldn’t be here.



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