To find the steps for connecting your Broadcast Instance to Microsoft Teams, go to Settings > Integrations & Plugins > Cerkl Broadcast Teams.

Note: Only the Premier and Ultimate Plans are eligible for the Cerkl Broadcast Teams plugin. If you have the Essentials plan, you will NOT be able to see Cerkl Broadcast Teams under the Integrations & Plugins tab. ALSO your Teams Administrator MUST allow access to the Cerkl Broadcast Teams plugin on your company’s Teams instance in order for you to be able to add Cerkl Broadcast to your Teams.

The Cerkl Broadcast Teams page states how to get started with using Broadcast inside of Teams. To get started, you are told to search “Cerkl Broadcast” in the Teams App Store. Below, I will go more in-depth to explain how exactly this search is done:

  1. Open and log into the Microsoft Teams App.

  2. Click “...” (located in the left-hand menu).

  3. Click “More apps” in the bottom right of the expanded menu.

  4. Search “Cerkl Broadcast” in the search bar under Apps (type where it says Search all apps).

  5. Once you see Broadcast, click the box containing the Cerkl Broadcast App and a pop-up will appear.

  6. Click Add and the Cerkl Broadcast App will be added to the left hand menu of your Teams.

Note: If you click a tab that is not the Broadcast App (i.e. Activities, Chat, Teams, etc.), the Broadcast App may disappear into the “...” tab. If this happens, just click the “...” tab and you will see Cerkl Broadcast in the expanded menu.

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