If you would like an easy way to Subscribe visitors to your site to your Cerkl then the Subscriber Plugin is exactly what you need. The Subscriber Plugin is a pop-up modal that will appear on any website you place it on prompting visitors to enter their email in the text box through it’s call to action. Your Cerkl will then take the information entered and use it to add that person as a Subscriber.

Any visitor to your site will see this modal pop-up on their screen and have the opportunity to Subscribe to your Cerkl, which is an easy way to get new visitors into your Cerkl and funnel of information.

To create your own Subscriber Plugin go to Settings > Integrations & Plugins > then click Subscriber Plugin

Now you are inside of the Subscriber Plugin Editor, here’s what you’ll see:

  1. This is the preview of what your Subscriber Plugin Modal will look like on the site you place it on.
  2. You can toggle between editing the visuals of the plugin or editing the message that the plugin gives to those who engage with it
  3. Get the code of your Plugin to place on any website of your choosing

  1. Ask for Name - when toggled on adds two more fields to the subscriber plugin: First Name, and Last Name. Collecting the first and last name of Subscribers is important because if a Subscriber is added with only their email then the first part of their email will be used as that Subscribers first name inside of your Cerkl. This means that any personalization field that uses First Name will be using the first part of said Subscribers email since their first name was not added to the Cerkl
  2. Background Color - When toggled on a color picker will appear which will allow you to change the background color of the plugin
  3. Border - When toggle on gives you the following border customization options:
  4. Float at Bottom - When toggled on the Subscriber Plugin will now appear floating at the bottom of your Screen. You can select the Plugins:

Here you will be able to edit and customize the header of your plugin.

  • Header - This is the call to action text that is inside of your header
  • Header Size - Here you can choose between a Small, Default, or Large size for your header text
  • Header Alignment - Let’s you Align your header in either the Left, Right, or Center of the plugin
  • Header Color - A color picker will appear when clicked which lets you choose your header text color by using the color wheel or inputting a hex code

This is the button that is pressed to submit the information entered into the plugin. Here you can customize its;

  • Label - This is the text that appears on the button, which you can customize to say whatever you want
  • Background Color - Here you can edit the background color of the button at the bottom of the Subscriber Plugin. You can either select your color of preference from the color wheel or you can input a hex code.
  • Text Color - Here you can select the color of the text used inside of the button using the color picker or by entering a hex code

Once someone enters their information inside of the pluggin they will receive a message in response. The message will either be in response to having valid information entered and successfully transferring it into your Cerkl or it will be an error message because something went wrong.

If the information entered into the plugin is valid and that person has not already filled out the information before then they will receive a message based on that success. You can either set that Success Message by entering the message yourself or you can have the a successful entry redirect the visitor to another url by selecting “redirect URL” and entering the URL

An error message will be sent if the information entered into the plugin is either invalid or if it has already been entered before.

You can create your own message for those who have already Subscribed to your Newsletter and also one for those who have entered an invalid email address by entering the messages.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

support@cerkl.com or use the help bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any Cerkl.com page for a quick answer!

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