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To see the Blasts that you and your team have previously sent, go to Blasts > Sent.

Blast Table Actions

On this page, you can Search, Filter, and sort your sent Blasts. The Blast table can be customized to include additional information and data columns beyond the default columns from the Edit Table menu.


For information about additional columns and the Edit Table options in Blasts, please review: Customize Your Blast Table Columns


For information about the Filter options in Blasts, please review: How to Filter Your Blasts


To sort by a specific column in alphanumeric order, click the header title - or click again to reverse sort order.

Default Columns

By default, you will also see the following columns of information:


Details Included

Blast (ID)

Locked. Sticky Column

Thumbnail preview: Previews of the scheduled Blast is available for Blasts made after 9/30/2023. These and HTML imported Blasts do not support thumbnails.

Blast Name: Click on the name of the Blast to go to the Blast Insights page.

Date Sent.

Statuses: Private (locked), Sharable Link Ready, Retargeted, Is Retarget.

⋮ Ellipsis Menu

View Insights: This will open the Blast's specific Insights page.

Duplicate Blast: This will open a copy of the sent Blast in the Blast Editor where you can edit, save a draft, send the Blast, etc.

Manage Campaigns: This will open the Manage Campaigns window where you can add the Blast to up to 4 Campaigns.

View Blast: This will open a pop-up modal where you can preview the Blast on both desktop and mobile.

Shareable Link: This will open a pop-up modal where you can generate a shareable link for the Blast. To learn more about shareable links, please review: Generate Sharable Links for Blasts.


Name of the Team Member who clicked "Create New" to start work on the Blast.

Subject Line

Subject line of the Blast.

Send From

Send From details entered from the Blast Sending Info.

If Sender Profiles are enabled and used, this will display the same information as Sender Profile column.


The current Campaigns which this Blast Draft has been added to. For more information about Campaigns, please review Campaigns Overview.


List of Segments used in Audience Builder

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the support Chat toward the bottom right-hand corner of any page.

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