Channels Overview gives you metrics on how Subscribers engage with your content across all Channels. You can use these metrics to understand what channels your Subscribers actively use along with what days they tend to use each one.

To get to your Channels Overview go to Insights > Channels > Overview in the expanded menu.

The first section of Channels - Overview gives you a bar graph which shows the clicks and impressions performance in each of your channels:

Newsletters, Intranet, Mobile.

  • Impressions - The number of opportunities your Subscribers had to view your content across the reporting period. An impressions does not mean that the Subscriber engaged with your content, it just means that it appeared on their screen. EX: 10 stories appear on a Subscribers screen. They will log 10 impressions.
  • Clicks - A count of all the times Subscribers clicked on your content. This is a good indicator of how subscribers are engaging with your content. EX: A subscriber Clicks on 3 stories in their Newsletter. They will record 3 clicks.

Example: If I open a newsletter containing 4 stories and click on 2 of them, then our system will report 4 impressions and 2 clicks from my behavior.

To the right of the graph you have your overview which gives you the Total Impressions, Total Clicks, and Content Click Rate for all Channels combined.

  • Total Impressions - The Total number of Impressions across all of your Channels in the reporting period. EX: If you have 500 impressions on your Newsletter. 300 on your Intranet, and 200 on Mobile. Your Total Impressions would be 1,000.
  • Total Clicks - The total number of clicks across all of-your Channels in the reporting period. EX: If you have 250 clicks on your Newsletter. 150 on your Intranet, and 100 on Mobile. Your Total Clicks would be 500.
  • Content Click Rate - The rate of your Subscriber clicking on the Content inside of their Newsletters. This number is calculated with the formula: Total Impressions / Total Clicks. EX: If you have 1,000 Total Impressions and 500 Total Clicks then you will have a Content Click Rate of 50%. This means that for every 2 Impressions you received 1 Click from a Subscriber.

Here you have a line graph which displays how many Subscribers used each channel each day. This metric is known as Daily Active Users(DAUs).

You can see the DAUs for each day and what percentage of your audience that is by hovering your mouse over each point on the line chart.

To the right of the graph you can also see metrics showing on average how many Active Users each channel had per day. This metric is defined as your Average Daily Active Users (DAUs).

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