The following information related to exporting your Audience Insights will be broken into three sections:

  • How to Export Your Audience Insights

  • Opening Your New CSV Export

  • Information Inside the CSV

To export your Audience Insights, go to Insights > Audience > click Metrics, Opt-Outs, or Bounced > click the blue filter icon > select Export to CSV.

After you click Export to CSV, you will be asked to enter a name for you export. Once you give your export a name, click OK. You then have the option to Stay on your current Insights page or Go to Exports.

Please Note: The metrics in this export are based on the reporting period you selected before clicking Export to CSV.

To learn more about filtering your Insights, check out this article.

Until your CSV is available (which may take a few minutes), your Insights > Exports page will have an In Progress section, and the status of your current CSV export will say Pending. Once your CSV is available, you will receive an email notifying you.

To view the CSV, go to Insights > Exports > find the correct CSV > click Download CSV.

Inside the CSV, you will see all the following information about your Audience Members:

  1. Engagement: The Subscriber's engagement score.

  2. First Name: The Subscriber's first name.

  3. Last Name: The Subscriber's last name.

  4. Email: The Subscriber's email address.

  5. News Digest Delivered: The number of News Digests delivered.

  6. News Digest Unique Opens: The number of News Digests opened.

  7. News Digest Clicks: The number of times a Subscriber clicked on Content inside the News Digests.

  8. Sessions: The number of times a Subscriber opens the News Digest, Mobile App, Teams, or Intranet.

  9. Impressions: The number of opportunities a Subscriber had to view Content across the reporting period.

  10. Clicks: The number of times a Subscriber clicked on their Content.

  11. Click Rate: The rate a Subscriber engaged with their Content.

  12. Clicks Per Session: The average number of times a Subscribers clicked on a piece of Content once they begin a Session.

  13. Personalization Status: Whether or not a Subscriber has gone through the personalization process.

  14. Delivery Frequency: How often a Subscriber receives News Digests.

  15. Delivery Day: The day a Subscriber receives their News Digests.

  16. Delivery Hour: The time of day a Subscriber receives their News Digests.

  17. Delivery Timezone: The time zone in which a Subscriber receives their News Digests.

  18. Delivery Format: The format of the delivered News Digest: Headlines Only, Headlines Plus, or Traditional.

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