Navigating and searching for specific groups of stories in your Approved, Drafts, and Queued pages can be a cumbersome task at times. But, don’t worry you can easily Filter them to find exactly what you are looking for!

To filter your stories you will need to select the orange filter Icon at the top right of your screen. Then you will see all the options you can filter by. Please Note: Evergreen Content is automatically included in what you filter your stories by so if you don’t want to include Evergreen Content you should uncheck that box.

You have the options to filter by:

1. Publish Date - The date each story will be eligible to be included in your Cerkls’ Newsletter

2. Expiration Date - This is the date the story will no longer be eligible to be included in any Newsletters that are sent out.

3. Categories - These are tagged to stories with relevant content. These are used to rank and order your Stories based on each Subscribers interests

4. Segments - These are the Segments associated with each story. This is done inside of the Distribution Settings

5. Source - These are the sources which stories are pulled into your Content Hub

6. Post Priority - These are the posting priorities that you can set inside of your Distribution Settings. These can be used to determine the audience that will receive the story and where inside of their Newsletter it will be placed

7. Push notifications - This is only used within our mobile app. You have the option to sort by Push Notifications which are either turned on for the story inside of the Cerkl App

8. Content type - The type of content can either be: Update/link (a normal story), a Need or an Event

9. Include Evergreen Content - This is content that will never expire and will always be eligible to be included inside of your Newsletters. You will want this checked if you want to see what evergreen content is eligible and if it is still relevant to your subscribers. If it is not then you can make the changes needed to that piece of content

10. Include Expired Content - Checking this box includes content that is not eligible to be sent out in your Newsletters in your filtered results. This is a great way to take stock of what content has expired and if it is relevant or not to your subscribers. If it is then you can always change the expiration date and approve it so that piece of content can be eligible to be sent out again (Note: If you republish a Story, and don’t modify its Distribution Settings, Subscribers who already received that Story will not receive it again)

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at or use the chat bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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