Curious how your content is performing? Great! Check out your content insights for details.

Individual Content Metrics

  • Post: Image, title, and expiration date of content.
  • Categories: Categories attached to each piece of content.
  • Source: Source of where the content originated from.
  • Engagement Score: A measure specific to Cerkl, which factors in clicks and opens. The closer to 100, the better.
  • Delivered: The # of subscribers that piece of content was delivered to.
  • Opens: The # of times a newsletter with that piece of content was opened.
  • Unique Opens: The # of subscribers that opened a newsletter with that piece of content in it.
  • Clicks: The # of times that piece of content was clicked.
  • Unique Clicks: The # of subscribers that clicked on that article.

Actions & Filters


  • Export to CSV: Export all of the Individual Content Metrics to a CSV File.


  • Filter by Categories: By selecting a category, content that matches that category will appear.
  • Filter by Source: By selecting the source, content that came from this source will appear.
  • Filter by Content Type: By selecting a content type, content that matches that content type will appear.
  • Filter by Authors: By selecting an author, content written by that author will appear.

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