The Content Archive is the place to go for your audience members who maybe have missed a story or want to find out EVERYTHING that's happening in your organization. The Content Archive will contain all the eligible content for each audience member from the Approved page. Content will show even if that audience member has seen or clicked on the content before, making this a great reference place. Expired, Deleted, or otherwise gated content will not be shown to audience members who shouldn't be able to access it.

The Content Archive features include:

Content Archive Header: Image specified under Settings > Branding

Organizational Social Links: The Social Links set up under Settings > Social Links

Generic Social Sharing Links: Buttons allowing the sharing of the Content Archive page among multiple social sites (doesn't appear for internal Cerkls)

Content Type Filters: Allows you to filter down the list of content pieces by type, All news, Stories, Needs, and Events

Search: Allows you to search the archive for a story by name

My Preferences/Sign Up: Will either take you to your account preferences for each audience member, or will have a sign up link for people to sign up to your Cerkl

Content Pieces: All eligible approved content for the viewing audience member

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