Curious what your individual subscriber metrics are? You came to the right place!

Individual Subscriber Metrics

  • Engagement Score: A number specific to Cerkl; is determined by combining clicks and opens. The closer to 100, the better.
  • Delivered: # of newsletters that have been delivered to this subscriber.
  • Opens: # of times the subscribers has opened a newsletter.
  • Unique Opens: # of individuals that have opened a newsletter (for each subscriber, this number will either be a 1 (they opened it) or a 0 (they have not opened it).
  • Open Rate: Calculated by dividing the # of unique opens by the # of delivered.
  • Clicks: # of times this Audience Member has clicked on content in a newsletter.
  • Unique Clicks: # of pieces of content an Audience Member has clicked on.
  • Click-Thru Rate: Calculated by dividing the # of clicks by unique opens.

Subscriber Opt-Outs

  • Name: Name of Audience Member.
  • Email: Email address of Audience Member.
  • Date Unsubscribed: Date the Audience Member was unsubscribed.
  • Self Unsubscribed: If "Yes", then the audience member unsubscribed themself. If "(by admin)", then an administrator unsubscribed them.

Bounced Email Addresses

  • Name: Name of subscriber.
  • Email: Email address of subscriber
  • Bounce Reason: Reason the email address was bounced.

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