Subject Lines should be considered your message's first impression and hopefully compel your audience to take action by clicking and opening your email. At Cerkl Broadcast, we've come up with the perfect formula to catch your audience's attention.

Factors of Subject Lines

As we begin to automate and personalize your Subject Lines, we consider several factors:

  • Do we know the audience member's Categories of interest?
  • Are Posting Priorities set for any Stories, Links or Events?
  • Are Stories, Links or Events targeted to a specific Segment?
  • What is your account's Maximum Content to Send?
  • Are any Stories, Links or Events over 90% of interest for a given audience member?

Posting Priorities & Subject Lines

We've done the hard work & the research to ensure your Subject Lines are relevant, timely & attention grabbing. Now, let's dive into some specific examples & when each subject line is used:

Lead Story as Subject Line

If one of your Stories, Links or Events is a significant lead story (meaning it's over 90% relevant to an audience member based on Categories of interest) then this Story Title may become the main focus of the Subject Line.

Subject Line Prepend

If your Organization has a Subject Line Prepend (i.e. up to 35 characters that have been identified and set in place by your Account Manager), then this specialized text will be prepended to the Subject Line options denoted above.

Fallback Subject Line

You can also set a Fallback Subject Line, which will be used as the Digest's Subject line when Posting Priorities are not in use and the Audience Member has not yet personalized their experience.

Preview Text

The Preview Text is the copy that you can find following your subject line in many email clients. Please note that your Organization's email client as well as device type can effect the way Preview Text is displayed.

  • Personalized: "Latest {Category 1, Category 2} news from {Cerkl Name}, just for {First Name}."

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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