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Here is a brief overview of what your Cerkl account will do for you:


No, seriously. You create the content and Cerkl will take care of the rest.

Cerkl takes the guess-work out of communicating with your audience. This happens through the artificial intelligence baked into our platform. You'll no longer be painstakingly curating your email communications, toiling over the way it looks, or pondering over what your audience's interests are.

Cerkl Setup (Settings)

(Content > Controls)
Now that you are in as an admin, make sure that your Categories are what you want them to be. 

Your Categories are what will be presented to your audience when they first sign up to hear from you.  We will send them a 60 second questionnaire called a Welcome Email that will ask them what they are interested in and when they would like to receive your newsletters. 

Know that these are just a starting point for your audience to tell us what they are explicitly interested in.  From here, Cerkl will monitor their clicks as implicit interests and will compare these clicks against over 2 billions key words and phrases.  

Our rule of thumb is that your categories should be broad organizational terms. If you have a website, your website headings are a great place to start. A hospital might have Volunteer Opportunities, Healthcare Updates, and Patient Stories as categories. A college may have Alumni in the News, Sports Updates, and Campus Life as categories.

(Audience > Segments)
Your audience may just be one large group, but typically our partners will have the need to segment certain individuals for specific correspondences.  Perhaps you send out specialized content to your Board of Directors. Or maybe there is a piece of content that you only want Parents to see.  Certainly a college would have content that is pertinent to Current Freshman and not Alumni, right?

Don't forget that Cerkl is already going to be sending only relevant content to your audience.  So segmenting should primarily be done so that you can manually limit who a piece of content goes out to. Maybe Alumni are interested in what current students are up to, but New Yorkers won't necessarily care about your upcoming event for Chicagoans.

(Settings > Branding)
Your branding will auto populate throughout your Cerkl. Your Content Archive, your automated newsletters, and your dedicated emails will all contain the branding that you upload.  In order to ensure that your images look great across all platforms it is important that you follow the px (pixel) guidelines listed above each image and outlined in this article.

Under branding it is also important that you change your branding colors, you can choose from the spectrum or enter in your organizations hex codes.

In your Branding it is also important that you add some Image Placeholders.  These are images that will be attached to content that otherwise does not have an image. Therefore, they should be generic and on brand.

Creating Content
There are several types of content within Cerkl and various methods in which to create it. The primary way to create content is through the Content Manager:

Here you can create a Post/Story, Need, Event, or simply add a Link to an outside story. When you create a piece of content you will have the ability to specify what type of preferences you'd like your content piece to have.

One of the most important features when creating a piece of content is to determine its shelf life or Content Expiration Days. 

You can also bring in content from outside sources through the use of Content Sources. These are websites or RSS feeds that your newsletter can pull from to supplement your own content.  If you are not creating enough to fulfill a weekly newsletter but still want to communicate useful information to your audience, this is the way to do so.

As you can see, we pull in content automatically from our YouTube channel and our blog.  This means that we don't have to duplicate efforts across our channels.  If we create something in one place, then it will automatically show up in the other.

The third way to create content is through the use of Email Campaigns.  This is the old school way of sending out emails and newsletter correspondence.  If there is something that can not wait to go out (Emergency alert, surprise event happening tomorrow, change of CEO, etc.) then this is your tool.  We have pre-built templates that will include your branding as well as the option to create your own email from scratch.

Everything else you need to know before you go Live:

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@cerkl.com! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any cerkl.com page for a quick answer.

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