You'll notice that the Most Popular Categories section is sorted by reach (the number of subscribers that have chosen that category as an interest of theirs). These categories include both those that are specific to your organization and other categories your audience finds valuable as well. You can easily change how your categories are organized by selecting the Sort By and Order By dropdown menus at the top of the box.

Click on a category to see all of your content that's been tagged with that interest!

Back to the main page in the Categories section - there's also a box labeled Category Opportunities. These are categories are your organizational categories and other categories that your audience wants to see more of. Your subscribers are interested in these categories and topics, but they’re consuming it much faster than you’re producing it. In other words, these are areas of improvement - post more about these categories to engage the numerous subscribers who are interested in them!

You can also filter your Category Opportunities and Most Popular Categories by Organizational Categories, so you can see how your categories are doing more clearly. To do this, you can go to Filters > Limit to Organizational Categories. 

A powerful way to personalize your insights is to create a Custom Dashboard.

More of a visual learner? Watch the video below about the Categories tab.

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