Moderation allows for a review of posts before they reach your subscribers. With moderation, emails are delivered to the queue before going public to your audience. This queue is like a holding tank for messages that are under review by the moderators, who have the following options for the post:

  • approve
  • edit
  • delete

If messages are approved, they go live immediately unless scheduled. Cerkl sends an email to the author letting them know their post has been approved. Moderation is a filtering technique that can be very useful for organizations who do not already have processes in place.

Moderation is set on a person by person basis so you can have only certain people require moderation (e.g. interns). You can also have any number of moderators. If no moderators are set, the owner of the Cerkl will serve as the moderator.

More information on administrators can be found in this article: Administrator Privileges

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