There is so much content available for each subscriber to see. All this content has to be stored somewhere and it is! The Content Archive is where all your subscribers and non-subscribers can view your content.

You can find the Content Archive at the bottom of all newsletters and you can share the link to the Content Archive with anyone. There is also a place to subscribe to your newsletter on the archive, which is a great way to grow your audience. 

Table of Contents

General Info
Social Links
Search Bar
My Preferences
Content Pages

General Info

  1. Social Links: where to link your social media pages and to share across your social media accounts and email. 
  2. Search Bar: enter a key word to search through all of your approved content.
  3. Content Pages: all of your stories being pulled from your approved content that isn't expired. 
  4. My Preferences: click to go to your Cerkl settings.

Social Link

  1. Allows you to share your content archive across your own social media accounts.
  2. Your website and social media accounts you have for your subscribers. You can add or update these links by going to Cerkl's Settings > Social Links.  

Search Bar

Can search by the following filters:

  1. All News (default)
  2. Updates
  3.  Needs
  4. Events

My Preferences

Under your settings you have the ability to change your:

  • Categories
  • Frequency and time of delivery
  •  Format
  • Email address and privacy settings 
  • You can update your profile and unsubscribe here as well

Content Pages

After you click on a post you will see...

  • Actual Content: either a story, update, need or event. For example, above you will see a story. 
  • Categories: here you will find all of the categories that are relevant to the post you clicked on.
  • Manage your account: brings you to your Cerkl user profile page. 
  • Social Links: click on the links here to share the post to your social media accounts.
  • Back to your Cerkl and More Stories: if you click your Cerkl on the left, it will bring you to your approved content page, and if you click more stories, it will bring you back to the main content archive page. 

  • Aptly: Creates a personalized experience for your audience on your site. This is a bit of code to be placed on your website, that after the page loads, Cerkl hosted content will load in and be personalized for each person viewing your site.

Just for you: other posts that have been selected for you based on your past history and interests. 

What's Trending: posts that other subscribers to your Cerkl are clicking on and engaging the most with. 

Latest: the newest post on your Cerkl. 

Recently Viewed: previous posts you've viewed.  

Comments: where subscribers can comment about the post. 

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