Settings is where all your administrative information lives. Here is where admins can make the major changes to your Cerkl Account. This is where you control your organization information, add team members, change your branding images and colors, select your email newsletter defaults, add integrations & plugins and manage your account & billing. 

Table of Contents

Settings > Organization Info
Settings > Team Members
Settings > Branding
Settings > Email Newsletter
Settings > Integrations & Plugins
Settings > Account & Billing
Settings > Content Controls
Settings > Audience Controls

Settings > Organization Info

  1. Cerkl Name: Name of your account
  2. Name Abbreviation: How you want your name to be abbreviated
  3. Website Address: Your organization’s website
  4. Industry: The industry your organization is in
  5. Organization Description: Brief description as to what your organization does
  6. Send Email As: You can type in your organization name or the title of your newsletter. Your subscribers see this title as the sender of their Cerkl newsletters.
  7. Reply To: Your Reply To email address will receive any direct replies to your newsletter. The Reply To address needs verification via email before newsletters can be sent out.
  8. Location: The address you want associated with your organization

Settings > Team Members

  1. Invite Team Member: To add a new administrator, click "Invite Team Member" then enter the email addresses of anyone you would like to add as a team member.  You can send an invite to multiple contacts by separating the emails with a comma or semicolon.
  2. Emails: Email address(es) you want added as team members for your Cerkl
  3. Permissions: There are several different administrator privileges. Cerkl administrator options can be toggled on or off for the owner, editor, and author.  These can be chosen at the time of invitation, or you can edit them later as needed.
  • Owner: this privilege allows access to all Cerkl settings - to create, edit, and approve content on Cerkl as well as the ability to invite and remove other administrators.  Only owners can create Email Campaigns. The owners can also change the status of their Cerkl's administrators to give them more or less editing benefits. In other words, this option is the Big Kahuna of administrator privileges.
  • Editor: this privilege allows access to create, edit, and approve content in Cerkl.
  • Author: this privilege allows access to create content in Cerkl. If your “Show Authors” setting (Settings > Team Members) is set to on, this privilege will also show the administrator as an “Author” in your newsletter.

4. Moderation: there are two options on the "Moderation" dropdown menu: "Moderator" and "Moderatee."

  • Moderator: A moderator receives a notification that content is ready to approve - they can approve and edit content.
  • Moderatee: can create content but cannot approve content - any content they produce must be approved before being made available to your audience.

5. Send Invite: Allows invite to be sent to the email addresses in order for them to confirm themselves as a team member

Your organization can have several administrators. 

Team Member Profiles:

Details information and permissions of each team member

  1. Trash Can: Delete this team member
  2. Last Login: The last time the team member logged in
  3. Date Added: The date the team member was added
  4. Total Posts: The amount of stories that this team member was listed as the author
  5. Permissions: Edit the privileges the team member has by toggling these on/off
  6. Moderation: Edit the moderation the team member between "None," Moderator," and "Moderatee"

Settings > Branding

  1. Profile Image: The Profile Image that you upload to Cerkl appears as a centerpiece of the Content Archive (below the Content Archive Cover Photo and above the description of the Cerkl). 
  • The optimal size is 200 x 200px.
  • This image has a maximum size of 100k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.
  • When you post Stories, Events, or Links and select your organization as the author, your Profile Image will appear below the story in the Content Archive. Otherwise, the profile picture of the actual person you select will appear.

2. Theme Color: Color used as all touchpoints that helps represent your brand (this affects font color and button colors among other things)

3. Backdrop Color: Changes the color of your backdrop for your automated newsletters

4. Favicon Image: The image that shows up on your tab when your content archive is opened

5. Check Readability: Allows you to check whether the buttons on your page will be readable by your audience

6. Newsletter Header Image: When your organization sends out a newsletter, the Newsletter Header Image appears beautifully atop the email. Above the first story and its photo, the cover photo makes an important first impression on your subscribers.

  • The optimal size is 600 x (max height: 300px).
  • This image has a maximum size of 100k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.

7. Welcome Email Image: The Welcome Photo only appears atop the Welcome Email which is sent when someone is first subscribed to your organization's Cerkl. The email directs your subscribers to personalize their settings, including their interests, format, language, and time of delivery. Welcome them to a world of personalization!

  • The optimal size is 580 x 120px.
  • This image has a maximum size of 150k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.

8. Content Archive Cover Image: Image that is at the top of your Cerkl’s content archive 

  • The optimal size is 1500 x 500px.
  • This image has a maximum size of 500k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.

9. Image Placeholders: When one of your Stories, Events, or Links is left without an image accompanying it, your Image Placeholders randomly - but automatically - take their place. The placeholders will live on that particular story page, in your newsletter, and in the Content Archive (below). Select some Image Placeholders that relate to any story that your organization might create or pull in.

  • The optimal size is 600 x 400px.
  • This image has a maximum size of 100k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.

Settings > Social Links

You can add links to your Cerkl for any of the following accounts: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Nextdoor, App Store, Google Playstore, Snapchat. These will be accessible from the content archive page of your Cerkl. They are also at the bottom of your Automated Newsletters and can appear at the bottom of Blasts.

Settings > Email Newsletter

The defaults set at the top of this page will be used only if the subscriber has NOT gone through the personalization process, if they have they will receive their newsletter in whatever format/frequency/day/time they selected. 

  1. Send Sample: Send a newsletter preview to your email.
  2. Delivery Frequency: How often your email newsletter gets delivered
  3. Delivery Day: The day your email newsletter gets delivered
  4. Delivery Time: The time your email newsletter gets delivered
  5. Default Format:
  • Headlines Only: Email newsletter will only show the headlines and image of your content
  • Headlines Plus: Email newsletter will show headlines and the summaries
  • Traditional:  Email newsletter will show pictures, headlines, and the summaries of stories 

6. Fallback Subject Line: Default subject line for non-personalized subscribers

7. Auto Adjust Frequency: When toggled on, unengaged users will receive content at a lower frequency over time (if a subscriber hasn't interacted with an email in 3 months, they'll move down one frequency. Daily - > Weekly, Weekly - > Bi-Weekly etc...)

8. Display Percent Match & Trending: When toggled on, Cerkl displays a percent match individual to your newsletter subscribers. Stories that are doing well across your organization will receive a Trending icon

9. Skip National Holidays: When toggled on, newsletters will not be sent on nationally recognized holidays

  • New Year's Day-   January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day- Third Monday in January
  • President’s Day-   Third Monday in February
  • Memorial Day-   Last Monday in May
  • Independence Day-  July 4
  • Labor Day-   First Monday in September
  • Columbus Day-   Second Monday in October
  • Veterans Day-   November 11
  • Thanksgiving-   Fourth Thursday in November
  • Christmas-   December 25

10. Minimum Content Required to Send: A subscriber will not get an Automated Newsletter unless there is this amount of eligible content to be sent to them. Some things that can make content not eligible are things like restricting a piece of content to a segment, expired content, or if the subscriber has already received a piece of content they will not get it again. We suggest 2-3 as a good starting point. Cerkl newsletters allow up to nine piece of content and five events in automated emails. 

11. Add Promotions: Here, you can add images that you would like to promote. You can choose whether you want them at the top, middle, or bottom of your newsletter. You can also add a promotion link that will send subscribers to a specific website when they click on the image.

  • The optimal size is 600 x (no height limit)px.
  • This image has a maximum size of 300k. You can use JPG, GIF and PNG images.

Settings > Integrations & Plugins

  1. Integrations:
  • Eventbrite: Pulls in events created in Eventbrite into your Cerkl
  • OptinMonster: Offers a unique subscription experience for your viewers
  • Cerkl API: Generates API keys to integrate with our system using a variety of software services

2. Plugins

  • Aptly: Creates a personalized experience for your audience on your site. This is a bit of code to be placed on your website, that after the page loads, Cerkl hosted content will load in and be personalized for each person viewing your site. 

        There are options to choose text, headline, and background colors. Also, you can         select whether certain sections appear. The Just for You tab will always display             but you can toggle whether the What's Trending, Latest, and Recently Viewed             sections show on your site. Below each story headline in your Aptly, either a                 Trending or % Match note will display. The Trending tag identifies stories that               have gained traction with your Cerkl subscribers but that isn't necessarily a                   perfect, relevant match for that website visitor. The % Match feature will only                 appear for Cerkl subscribers who visit your site and will rank each story's                       relevance keeping in mind each person's explicit and implicit interests.

  • Subscriber Plugin: Allows for your website visitors to subscribe to your newsletter through your website.

Settings > Account & Billing

Here, you will find a memo about your current subscription.

  1. Contract Term: The frequency of your payment terms
  2. Contract Dates: Start date of your contract to the date that contract is going to expire
  3. Billing Company: The company that is being billed for your Pro account
  4. Primary Contact: The name of the main contact for your account
  5. Contact Email: Email address of the primary contact
  6. Phone Number: Phone number of the primary contact 
  7. Billing Address: Address being billed for your account
  8. Content Success Manager: The Cerkl contact for your account who can help you with any questions you have about your Cerkl

Settings > Content Controls

Navigates you to Content > Controls

Settings > Audience Controls

Navigates you to Audience > Controls

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