Nothing is more frustrating than having great content that isn't being pulled into Cerkl from your external sources. While there are a number of different reasons why this may be happening, an easy one to check first is the number of articles already sitting in your queue. 

If there are over 200 articles awaiting approval, our system will not pull any new content until the queue goes below that 200 mark. This is meant to keep your queue from hitting a huge number of stories that would be extremely tedious to sort through and approve. 

An easy way to clear your queue of old stories is by using our bulk feature to approve or delete multiple articles in one swoop! To do this, you will want to check the little box to the left of the article to prompt the Bulk Actions option at the top of the page. 

You now have the option to approve or delete all articles checked for a quick way to clear out that queue and make room for newer content. 

If your queue is clear and articles still aren't coming in or you have any other questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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