Your company most likely already has an awesome established brand. You know who you are and what you want to convey to your customers. So how can Cerkl help you achieve that goal? 

Think of Cerkl as another form of brand expression like a billboard or business card. In Cerkl, we have five places to showcase your branding. These include the Profile Image, Email Newsletter Cover Photo, Content Archive Photo, your company’s Welcome Photo, and lastly, Image Placeholders. You can read more about these here

These photos are what are going to represent your brand to your subscribers. If used properly, these images can deepen your subscribers’ attachment to your brand. It is important to think through what you want them to feel when they see those images. What message do you want to send?  

We also have a place to select a primary and secondary color. These are the two colors that you want to be most prevalent throughout your newsletter. They should be your guide when choosing photos and text. 

Here a few things that we recommend keeping in mind when selecting images to showcase your brand.

Profile Picture

This image is pretty simple and will most likely be your company’s logo. It is the symbol of your organization, and therefore, makes an appropriate profile image.

Email Newsletter Cover Photo and Content Archive

These images are examples of your organization’s brand imagery. These are how you build your brand’s aesthetic. These images are more than simple visuals—they elicit an emotion in the subscriber. These images are also the first impression that a subscriber has each time he opens a newsletter or goes to your content archive. Over time, these images will be what a subscriber associates with your organization. This often occurs on an intangible level, building trust and confidence over repeated exposure. Put more simply: view brand imagery as an opportunity to communicate with your subscriber, and it is critical to put thought into that message.

These two images can be the same or different, but you want to make sure that they share the same overall theme. Consistency among images is crucial and an important aspect to be cognizant of. 

You want to maintain a similar color palette across all your photos, along with fonts, patterns, and lighting. This will allow your brand to appear strong and dependable. If your Profile Image is blue, your Newsletter Cover Photo is mostly orange, and then your Content Archive Photo picture has a lot of pink, it sends mixed messages to your subscribers. You want your newsletter, like your brand, to be unified. 

Welcome Photo

The Welcome Photo is an opportunity for your company to create a personalized graphic just for future Cerkl subscribers. This is your subscribers’ first interaction with your brand in the newsletter context. A study done by Experian Marketing Services found that those who create a personalized email rather than genetic one, earn 39% higher click thru rates than those who don’t. Personalization in your Welcome Photo increases the chances that your subscriber will click to personalize their newsletter leading to higher engagement scores for you! 

Below is the graphic that we created for our Welcome Email. Our goal at Cerkl is to increase engagement and that mission is reflected in our graphic. Consider what your company’s overall goal is and having that be the focal point of your graphic.

Image Placeholders

Image Placeholders were created to make sure that even if you create a story without an image, photos will still pair with your articles in your newsletter and Content Archive. If an article is pulled into your Cerkl via the Linkoption or your content sources and no photo is attached, your image placeholders will fill the empty space.

This is super important because it is another opportunity to showcase your organization's branding! Also, studies have shown that stories accompanied by photos are about 94% more engaging than those without images. Don't miss any easy opportunity to showcase more of your brand to your subscribers.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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