First off, what is "bouncing"? It simply means that your email was not delivered to the recipient.

In your Insights Dashboard, your Delivery Metrics keep track of several statistics. Your Delivery Rate measures how many emails are delivered out of total emails sent; in other words, it measures how often your emails don't bounce.

The following are some reasons for bounced emails:

  • subscriber's email address is misspelled or non-existent
  • subscriber's mailbox is full
  • subscriber's "vacation response" is turned on
  • subscriber's server has blocked your communications

If you notice your delivery rate starts to slip a bit from 100%, we'll offer some best practices and quick tips for how to improve it and even increase it.

Review email addresses before importing

Scrubbing your email list before uploading it is always a great idea. Our favorite resource for scrubbing is NeverBounce where you can verify and clean all your subscribers' emails. This prevents your list from containing bad emails that may bounce emails in the future.

Another strategy of cleaning your list is to simply review your list within your Excel file. I know, I know - easier said than done, especially for organizations with large lists. But quickly skimming emails can prevent some typos and misspellings. When you upload your list to Cerkl, you'll automatically be sent an email reporting how successful the import was and where there were errors in the uploading phase. Return to your file to correct the errors and try again!

Monitor your bounces

In Insights > Subscribers > Bounced Email Addresses, you can see your latest bounced email addresses and their respective reasons. Most bounced addresses update themselves and begin receiving emails again, but others continue to bounce. To alleviate some of these bounced email addresses, try reaching out to the subscriber individually via another source of communication (e.g. phone) to gather a valid email address.

Happy engaging!

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