First, you'll need a CSV file of your Active Contacts from Constant Contact.

Here is how you export subscribers from Constant Contact:

  1. Navigate to the Contacts section in Constant Contact.
  2. Click Active to view your active contacts.
  3. Check the box in the upper left corner of the table to select all active contacts.
  4. Click Export.
  5. In the Export pop-up model, choose the fields you want to include. You will want to include the email address in addition to the subscribers first and last name if it is available.
  6. Check the List box if you want to transfer your sublists names into your MailChimp list.
  7. Click Export Contacts. When your export is complete, a message will appear at the top of the screen.
  8. Click Download CSV.

Now that your subscriber list is already downloaded as a CSV, make sure the subscriber's full name is in the first column and the email address in the second. 

You can read more about importing new subscribers here

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