This integration is a two-way sync of new members (ChamberMaster) and subscribers (Cerkl) and a one-way sync of events from ChamberMaster to Cerkl.

Required Information:

  • API Key
  • Association ID
  • Username with administrative privileges
  • Password for the user


  • Sync new members from ChamberMaster to Cerkl. Get all new members created the previous day.
  • If the new member has an e-mail address, subscribe him or her to Cerkl.
  • If the new member has associated representatives, subscribe each representative with an e-mail address to Cerkl.
  • If the new member does not have an e-mail address and no associated representatives with e-mail addresses, no new subscribers are added to Cerkl for the member.
  • Sync new subscribers from Cerkl to ChamberMaster.
  • Get all Cerkl subscribers that have not been synced to a ChamberMaster member.
  • Search ChamberMaster for any members with the e-mail address.
  • If a member is found, sync the member with the subscriber.
  • If no member is found, search ChamberMaster for any representatives with the e-mail address.
  • If a representative is found, sync the member to the subscriber.
  • If no representative is found, create a new member in ChamberMaster and sync it to the subscriber.
  • Sync ChamberMaster events to Cerkl. Get all events from ChamberMaster that are within 2 weeks of their scheduled date and not past their scheduled date.
  • If the event is not already in Cerkl, create the event in Cerkl in the content queue for approval.

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