This integration is a one-way sync of job postings from GradLeaders to content posts in Cerkl.

Required Information:

  • API Key
  • Customer Name
  • Product ID


  • Sync job postings from GradLeaders to Cerkl.
  • Get new and modified job postings within the GradLeaders system from the previous day until now.
  • For each approved job posting returned.
  • A post is created with the following data from the job posting if it does not already exist within Cerkl.
  • Post Title = <Job Title> – <Organization Name> (<Job Type>).
  • Job Type is Full Time, Internship, etc.
  • Post Content = <Job Description> <Job Qualifications>.
  • External Url =<GradLeader Customer Name>/Candidates/Login.aspx?pid=<GradLeaders Product ID>&dljobpostingid=<Job Posting ID>.
  • Publish Date/Time = <Posting Date>Publish Until Date/Time = <Expiration Date>
  • Tags = Built from <Job Type>, <Job Audience>, <Job Function>, and <Undergraduate Major>.
  • Job Audience is degree level.
  • Job Function is activities performed, e.g. marketing.
  • Post Image URL = Chosen based on tags.
  • If a post for the job already exists, the post is updated if any of the data is different for the above fields.
  • Job postings that have not been approved are skipped.
  • Sync events from GradLeaders platform to Cerkl Content Archive.

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