This integration is a two-way sync of contact (Salesforce) and subscriber (Cerkl) information, two-way sync of new contacts and subscribers, and a one-way sync of campaigns (Salesforce) to segments (Cerkl).

Required Information to give to Cerkl:

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret
  • Username with administrative privileges
  • Password and Security Token for the user

Other set up to-dos:

  • Create a new organization named Cerkl and send us the organization ID.
  • Add these customized fields to SalesForce: Interest_1__c, Interest_2__c, Interest_3__c, Interest_4__c, Interest_5__c on contacts.


  • Sync new and modified contacts from Salesforce to Cerkl.
  • Get all the contacts who are members within Salesforce that have been modified during the previous day.
  • If the contact has already been synced with a Cerkl subscriber.
  • If his name or e-mail address has changed, update the information within Cerkl. If he has opted out of Cerkl, unsubscribe him or her from Cerkl. If the contact has not been synced with a Cerkl subscriber and is not opted out, subscribe him or her to Cerkl.
  • Sync new subscribers from Cerkl to Salesforce.
  • For all Cerkl subscribers that have not been synced with Salesforce, search Salesforce by e-mail address to see if a contact already exists with that e-mail address. If no contact is found, create a contact in Salesforce within the Cerkl organization (ID: 001C000001aTtMa) and sync the subscriber to the new contact.If a single contact is found, sync the subscriber to the existing contact in Salesforce.
  • If multiple contacts are found, try to match on name (first and last) as well .
  • If we find a matching name, sync to that contact. If we do not find a matching name, sync to the first contact returned with the matching e-mail address.
  • Sync opt-outs from Cerkl to Salesforce.
  • For each subscriber who has unsubscribed from Cerkl, update the synced contact in Salesforce to show as opted out.  This updates your Cerkl_Unsubrscribe__c custom field.
  • Sync Cerkl data changes to SalesforceSync changes made in Cerkl to subscribers’ name, e-mail address, and engagement score from the past day to Salesforce.
  • Updates Name, FirstName, LastName, Email, and Engagement_Score__c fields on contacts.
  • Sync changes to Cerkl subscribers’ top interests from the past day to SalesforceUpdates custom fields Interest_1__c, Interest_2__c, Interest_3__c, Interest_4__c, Interest_5__c on contacts.
  • Sync Salesforce campaigns to Cerkl segments.
  • Get all the campaigns that have been modified the past day and have type of either Distribution List, Committee, or Board.
  • If the campaign does not currently exist as a segment in Cerkl, create a new segment by the same name and add all of the campaign members to the segment. If the campaign already exists as a segment in Cerkl.
  • Add any new campaign members who are not already in the segment.
  • Remove any subscribers in the segment who are no longer in the campaign.

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