So you've had some new subscribers and they have yet to be added to a segment. Not to worry, they've still been receiving your content and through our awesome Cerkl technology, we've still given them a more personalized experience. But if you'd like to make your subscribers more accessible to you, we suggest adding them to a segment.

Just a handful of subscribers

If you only have a few subscribers to add to a new segment, you can manually - and easily - change each subscriber's segment settings.

You can read more about updating segments for a few subscribers here

Loads and loads of subscribers

If you have a large number of subscribers that you'd like to add to a new segment, then it'd be best to re-upload these subscribers rather than manually change their settings. This is an easy and quick step!

You can read more about importing a list of subscribers to a segment here.

Won't this send them a new welcome email?

Nope! No need to worry - Cerkl won't even duplicate their accounts. It's simply merging their existing profile and including the new segment to their account. That's the only change!

Easier than you thought, right? If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us at! Or use the help bot in the bottom right-hand corner of any page for a quick answer.

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