Here at Cerkl, engagement is our specialty!

Cerkl's Insights help organizations monitor how well they're engaging their subscribers. A crucial part of Insights is "Cerkl Snapshot" which includes "Engagement Score," "Open Rate %," "Click-Thru Rate %," and "% Personalized." Some of the metrics in the example below are off the charts!

Cerkl Snapshot

  • Engagement Score - this score is based on an algorithm that takes into account your organization's Open and Click-Thru Rates.
  • Open Rate % - what percentage of your subscribers have opened your emails. 
  • Click-Thru Rate % - what percentage of your subscribers have clicked any link in the body of your emails. 
  • % Personalized - what percentage of your subscribers have personalized their profile and interests.

Fun Fact: The national average for open rates is 19% and click rates is 2.5%. Cerkl's average open rate is 43% and click rate is 23%!!

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