You can prevent your newsletter from being sent if fewer than X pieces of content are created by the upcoming delivery period. You can adjust this number by going to Settings > Automated Email > Other Settings.

For example, if your newsletter is sent weekly and your minimum content is 3, your newsletter will not send to subscribers if you haven't created 3 pieces of content by the next week.

Pro tip: We suggest keeping your minimum content set to around 2 or 3.

However, your newsletter will still send if your Content Archive has older, unexpired content that hasn't been opened by your subscribers. This is where the new expiration feature comes in handy...

The Content Expiration Days feature allows your newsletters to remain consistent even if you're not producing as much content as your Minimum Content feature requests. If your newsletter is not filled with stories and articles, Cerkl will pull relevant content from newsletters of the past 6 weeks (the default amount of time but it can be easily changed) that your subscribers haven't seen.

There are three ways you can modify the expiration days of your stories:

1. (Organization-wide solution) Change the expiration of all of your articles by going to Settings > Automated Email > Other Settings > Content Expiration Days.

2) (RSS feed solution) Change the expiration of articles from each external content source by going to Settings > Content Sources > Edit.

3) (Individual article solution) Change the expiration of each individual article by selecting a Publish End Date when you publish a post under Add Content.

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